course-logoChild Psychotherapies

Advance Diploma in Child Psychotherapies

Duration : 1 year

Medium Of Instruction : English

Eligibility : B.A, (Psychology), M.A.(Psychology ), Teachers, Professionals working with children holistic health care, Professionals associated with children mental health care.

Session : Lectures will be thrice a week and field work also will be thrice a week for 3 hours each. Field work can be plan as more than 3 hours or for 2 days but 4 hours ,each day etc… per association.

Objective :

  • To understand child Psychology and child development.
  • To recognize and help for maladaptive behavior in children.
  • To develop an understanding of psychological/mental challenges in children.
  • To understand nature of counseling and its importance for child’s mental health.
  • Gaining knowledge about different child Psychotherapies.
  • Gaining insight about holistic health through psychological, family, and social aspects.

Opportunity : Successful participants can work as:

  • Child counselor.
  • Child Psychotherapist.
  • Can be absorbed in the field of child care, emotional, social, psychological healthcare set ups.
  • Can practice independently after getting enough experience.
  • Can work in school set up.
  • Can work with centers providing platform for children who are differently abled.
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