Learning Disability And Remediation Courses In Mumbai

Our organization needs to unfold our wings by reaching bent additional youngsters, and also the best thanks to bit additional lives is to coach additional academics in our distinctive pedagogic approach. During this context, we’ve got created a comprehensive educational program for academics and oldsters to assist youngsters with learning difficulties. Besides providing trainees for definitions of learning disabilities and remediation courses in mumbai, assessment, sweetening of skill & acquirement skills, alternative common organic process disorders, the course conjointly provides practicum coaching wherever trainees get to look at and act with youngsters.

The goal of the analysis is to see whether or not learning disabilities in oral language, reading, writing, arithmetic, or nonverbal functioning area unit meddlesome with daily functioning, educational accomplishment, or skilled activities. BNCDC initial parent interview and a final conference. The analysis is conducted by a team together with each clinical pedagogue and graduate students. Following the Learning Disability and Remediation courses analysis, a document is provided description the finding of the assessment.

course-logoLearning Disability and Remediation

Certificate Course in Learning Disability and Remediation

Duration : 25 sessions – twice a week (part-time)

Medium Of Instruction : English and; Hindi

Eligibility : Students of Psychology, teachers, parents, any other professionals dealing with LD child

Objective :

  • to bring about awareness on learning disability
  • to equip participants in dealing with and guiding LD students
  • to train participants in intervention techniques
  • to provide practical learning experience
  • to sensitize the society

Advance Course in Learning Disability and Remediation

Duration : 6 months-once a week (part time)

Eligibility : Students scoring 70% at LDR certificate level

Objective :

  • To equip participants in dealing with and guiding LD students.
  • To spread knowledge & awareness about remediation methods
  • To train participants in intervention techniques.
  • To provide practical learning experience
  • To sensitize the society
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